Time to continue to present charter companies in

Hej! Nu fortsätter jag med att presentera olika charter-
flygbolag! Sterling Aiways

Sterling  Airways was  founded  by the legendary Ejlif
Krogager (known as the "Reverend" ) founder  of Tjae-
reborg Rejser in 1961. In the beginning, the company
operated two DC-6Bs from Swissair on a contract/sub-
charter for Transair Sweden. Soon after the set up of
the airline,  there were roamers that  Sterling Airways
was faceing economicalproblems and that Sud Aviation
was  going to  take over  the company and  look after
their  interests in Sterlings fleet of Caravelle aircrafts
until the problems were solved.

Sterling operatedCaravelles on charter flights into sun-
destinations during the 1970s and early 1980s but re-
placed these with Boeing 727-200s.

1 no Corvette SN601
Beech Craft
2 no King Air 65
15 no B727-270Adv
6 no B757-200
1 no DC-6
21 no DC-6B
3 no DC-8-60
2 no Fokker F-27-500
1 no L-80, Electra
SUD Caravelle SE-210
13 no SE-210 VIR
9 no SE-201 10B3 2 no SE-210 10R

Sterling Airways was one of the leading charter comp-
anies with some 19 aircrafts but due to ecconomical
problems the  carrier was  adjudged  bankrupt in 1993.

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